A new, fresh coat of paint is one of the best ways to show off your identity, style and make your house a home! Whether you’re selling your home, giving it a new look or moving in to make it yours – the right paint colour is very important. This can be difficult as well as exciting, but having an easy guide to know where to begin will make the process that much more effective. 

Follow the guide below to help you choose the perfect paint colour for you and your home.

Find Your Inspiration

To find the right colour for your room, you can find inspiration from endless sources, sometimes from places you least expect! Objects that you find in your home or while visiting furniture stores will often inspire you because they have the colours you already like. Look at art that you enjoy, browse through Pinterest, or look at your favourite pieces of clothing or accessories in your closet! Inspiration can come from anywhere; there are no rules on what colour to choose and why!

Pick Up Testers

Testers are always available at any paint or home improvement store, and often have unlimited colours to choose from. Testers have colours and/or shades to browse through and take home. Most paint brands have testers available to choose from before you make the decision on which shade is best. Use the testers on the wall area you want to paint at home and see how the colour looks at different points of the day. You may love the colour in the daylight, but find it too dark when the sun sets. That’s why you need to give the colour some thought.

Stick To The Colour Theme

Have the area you’re painting fit with the colour theme of your home for a clean, neutral and organized look. For rooms that open and lead into another room, choose the same shade or one that is a shade lighter or darker to make the room look more spacious. The colour theme also applies to furniture. Room accents should reflect the paint colour you select. If you want a pop of bright colour, choose one wall and paint it with a contrasting or complementary shade to your main theme.

Pick the Perfect Sheen

The sheen will ultimately accentuate the flaws on the freshly painted wall, therefore it’s important to consider the type of sheen based on the paint. Choose a high gloss sheen for rooms that are occupied often, such as a playroom for kids, because high gloss sheen is easier to clean. For kitchens and bathrooms, stick to paint that has high moisture resistance instead of going with a semigloss, that ensures that your walls have a uniform appearance. Use an eggshell sheen for living rooms and bedrooms which have a hint of shine and hides imperfections well.

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