At one point or another, whether from the kids, the family pet or hosting too many dinner parties, your painted walls will eventually get dirty. When dirt enters the home, you must remove it. However, we understand you may be feeling weary about the washing process and whether it will ruin your painted walls. Regardless, the cleaning process must occur, as washing is the only way to restore your walls and extend the paint’s lifespan.

How can you clean the walls and ensure you won’t damage the stunning paint colour? Pinnacle Decorating South makes it easy! Here’s our four-step guide to washing your painted walls without the worry!

1. Dust Those Walls Down

Even if the dust is not visible to you, the grim reality is that it’s there. As you clean other components of the room, don’t forget about the walls! Wiping down and vacuuming the walls can be quite effective in eliminating the dust and restoring your paint job to prime condition. When preparing a wall for painting, its best to use a dry cloth to clean any dust off.

2. Remove Pesky Fingerprints

Fingerprints get onto everything from furniture to cabinets, walls, and even ceilings. Erasing those pesky marks can be difficult and should be done carefully. When cleaning just use warm water and soap, avoiding the use of bleach, ammonia, or alcohol based cleaners. These will cause your paint to flake over time due to repeated use, and are overly harsh on most painted surfaces.

3. Erase Harsh Grease and Oil Stains

Grease and oil are two very difficult elements to remove, but not completely impossible. Erasing grease and oil from your walls starts with finding a cleaning solution that can effectively cut through both elements. In these cases you should use TSP to degrease your walls, washing the wall with a damp cloth afterwards to remove any residue. Avoid using a Mr. clean magic eraser, those tend to leave behind faded spots as they remove the paint film as well as the stain.

4. Remove streaks and Water Marks

If you see streaks in your bathroom running down the wall, all you have to do is wipe the wall down with a damp cloth and those streaks will disappear. If you have water marks/burnish marks where an area that has been cleaned a little vigorously is shinier than the surrounding area, wipe down the whole wall in order to make it all look the same. This will help level out the sheen and make the wall look uniform.

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