As one of the few truly personal spaces within your home, it’s important that your master bedroom is painted in a colour that both suits your personality and creates feelings of relaxation. To help you narrow down your options, here are seven of the best Paint colours for your room.

Black and White

This colour combination goes well with everything, from fashion to home decor to a bedroom colour scheme. There’s a reason this classic colour palette is so popular, as it’s simple and soothing enough help you relax and get to sleep quickly.


When done right, having a gray bedroom won’t incite the usual feelings of blandness that sometimes come with this colour. Because of the soft nature of the colour, gray can often be calming while adding a sophisticated, contemporary look to the space.


While a stimulating colour in a living room or games room, it is not a good choice for a bedroom.  In small décor or spots of color it’s a wonderful accent, but to do a wall or two in any red colour will have the opposite effect your looking for in a room where calming and soothing are the goals.


As with red, painting your master bedroom yellow can be overwhelming and overly stimulating. If you’re desperate for a yellow room, choose softer shades to induce relaxation or use the colour throughout other aspects of room decor.


The colour green produces feelings of relaxations thanks to its fresh and natural character. Since it’s made from the warmth of yellow and coolness of blue, green is a versatile colour for any master bedroom. It compliments natural elements like wooden furniture and flooring very well, and the shade you choose will depend on the room’s overall style.


One of the best colours you can have in your master bedroom, blue is a calming colour that’s been shown to lower your blood pressure and induce relaxation. Cooler tone blues are best used for restful rooms, while darker blues are great for highlighting furniture. If you have a smaller bedroom, painting it blue will also open up the space, making it feel larger than it truly is.


While purple might not be the most popular bedroom colour on this list, the appeal of the reach hue is going on some people. Your best options to achieve the ultimate relaxing getaway is either a soothing lavender or a dark purple. Usually associated with royalty, choosing to paint your bedroom walls purple will allow you space to feel like a luxurious escape.

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