Diary of a (soon to be) white house….

I have, surprisingly, had the same colours on my main floor for almost 10 years now – a combination of soft, soothing blue based greys. Prior to 10 years ago, however, my colour fancy changed often, really often – so often that my husband, not really jokingly, quipped that we have lost several square feet because of the paint layers on our walls.

I still love my greys – a lot! But, it is time for a change! I’m going white! This I know, but there are literally 1000’s of shades of white – all with their special merit, feel and allure. I initially started with 10 potential contenders – quickly, this list shrunk to 4. My family barely tried to hide their eye rolls when I presented the final contenders. To some, apparently, there is little discernible difference, or perhaps interest, in the hues painted and taped to our walls – in various rooms, crooks and crevices. It seems not everyone enjoys discussing the subtleties and nuances in paint as much as I do.

The final four – how exciting – like an episode of The Bachelor; I spend time with each colour, compartmentalizing my relationship with it and with my house and the light and the shadows. I have little time to pick the winner as my painter is already prepping the walls and the wheels are fully in motion. The four hues range from crisp white to a soft chalky white – all are beautiful but not all are beautifully equal in my home. Colleen xoxo

Take a look at the contenders….

**all Benjamin Moore paint colours

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