Hello, This first little entry to our blog is to introduce ourselves to you and explain a little bit more about us.  I guess the first place to start is a little bit about myself, I’ve been in the painting/paint business for 8 years first as an employee with a paint retailer, then an owner of a painting company, and finally as an owner of 3 Benjamin Moore stores as of the writing of this post.  Not the path I had planned on when going to university, but I hear that’s a common story for most people. I pride myself on the quality of product that we sell, as Benjamin Moore is rightly considered one of the best paint companies in the world with a high standard of not only R&D when it comes to their coatings, but the breadth of offerings available.  I like to say that if you want to put paint on it, we probably can help with that.  I also pride myself on the quality of the staff in the stores, who go out of their way to making customers feel welcome, but also to ensure that they are only getting what they need, and never sold what they don’t.  It offends me when sales people try to upsell you on things which are largely unneeded, and my employees have taken that to heart and live that philosophy in their work. I like to teach people how to paint, because an informed customer is a happy customer.  Even afterwards if you get a painter to do your painting in your home, and we didn’t refer them to you, if your armed with the knowledge of what some best practices are, you can then be certain of your choice in contractor and know if they are doing a good job or not.  As were open 7 days a week, it doesn’t matter when you schedule, so long as it works best for you, I like to make the time. Finally, I would like to mention RenovationFind.com, which is a company that we are associated with as a member in their platinum partner program.  Renovation find is all about helping you find the best contractors with the least amount of searching all on one platform.  They are constantly checking on the information that we as a provider have given, to ensure that we maintain a high trust rating with them.  This in turn allows you to know that the due diligence has been done for you, and that anyone you hire comes highly recommended based on their history. As this blog develops and evolves, my entries will be based on painting and staining techniques, random stories of jobs which serve as lessons, as well as posting the blogs of my fellow BNI networkers and also our trusted contractors that we deal with, so that should you require a service from any of them and contact us, you know already whether they are someone you would want to do business with. Follow us on facebook at colourspec north decorating inc, Pinnacle Decorating south inc, or strathcona decorating centre ltd, or on Instagram @thatbenmooreguy to follow our story and find out about sales or events, and also to let us know how were doing. Danny Heikkinen, @thatbenmooreguy, benjaminmooreedmonton.ca